What's on in Winter?

The cooler half of the year is a fantastic time for most of our Adventures and all of our Courses!

In fact, we run all of our Blue Mountain's based instructional courses, Abseiling Adventures & Climbing Adventures all year. In the winter months the only adventures not on our schedule are those that involve the icy waters encountered during wet canyon trips.

If you're looking to learn the ropes in order to undertake your own Adventures, or, if you're just looking for an amazing guided adventure, Winter is a fantastic time to do it!

Rug up when it's cold & feel the crisp air invigorate your senses... Climb in a T-shirt when the Sun pours its rays across the orange sandstone...

Whatever the weather, the experience is one you'll remember forever!

Canyon Adventures

We run canyon expeditions, all year long.

In the winter months when things get cold, we steer away from trips involving wet suits and swimming. However this doesn't mean your experience is anything less than amazing.

If you have a keen sense of Adventure and don't mind wet feet, we can take you on the trip of a lifetime, whatever the time of year!

Abseiling & Juggler Canyon

Tigersnake Canyon


Abseiling Adventures

From half day beginner trips to long day multi-pitch expeditions- Abseiling in the Blue Mountains is ideal in winter!

The air is crisp, the views are amazing and the walk back to the top is less difficult than in Summer!

1/2 Day Abseil Adventure

Full Day Abseiling Adventure

Multi-Pitch Abseiling Expedition


Climbing Adventures

In Winter, friction between your hands and the rock is ideal! This time of year sees perfect climbing conditions across the region!

Climbers travel from all over the world to come and sample the amazing orange and grey sandstone of the Blue Mountains. West facing walls are soaked in the suns rays during winter and this is an ideal escape from your typical winter weather!

Rock Introduction - 1 Day Course

Rock 1 - Weekend Course

Rock 3 - Comprehensive 4 Day Course

Learn To Lead Climb - Sport

Learn To Lead Climb - Trad



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Empress Canyon
Rock 1 Introductory Climbing
Introductory Abseiling
Stay Alive Survival Course

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