Claustral Canyon

Technical Grade: Hard
Fitness Grade: Very Hard
Time: 6:00am - 6:00pm (approx)
Prior experience: Essential

Before your booking is processed we will contact you to discuss your previous experience and suitability for this trip.

Our full day expedition will see us descend from Mt Bell into the top of Claustral Brook. After we gear up the fun immediately begins with some obstacles and swims. When we reach the first abseil, we begin our descent in to the Black Hole Of Calcutta- An infamous set of waterfall abseils dropping 45 meters in to near darkness.

From here we reach the junction of Ranon Canyon- A 700m long section of vibrant green walls with lots of swims and scrambles. The final length of Ranon Canyon features lots of advanced scrambling on and through slippery surfaces along with several interesting water obstacles including the iconic “Tunnel swim”.

At the end of our canyon, the difficult walk out begins. We climb up through “Rainbow Ravine”, gaining 320m of elevation as we top out on the Camel’s Hump, before descending back in to the top of Claustral Brook for another section of vibrant canyon and a few cold swims.

We then arrive back where we originally entered the canyon and climb back up Mt Bell to our vehicle. The total elevation gain in the afternoon is over 450m, making the exit of this canyon alone a 3 hour experience that is not for the unfit.

Good fitness is absolutely necessary for this canyon.

Adventure prerequisites:

  • Good fitness is absolutely necessary for this canyon
  • Previous Abseiling experience
  • Experience and comfort being at height in exposed places

What’s included:

  • Australia’s most experienced adventure guiding & outdoor training specialists – The Australian School of Mountaineering
  • Nationally qualified & highly experienced guides
  • All technical equipment
  • Delicious & nutritious Lunch (Please inform us of any requirements on your booking info)
  • All National Parks’ entrance fees
  • 15% off in our partner store, Paddy Pallin Katoomba

Please be aware that:

  • Canyoning involves a variety of challenges- Lots of hiking, cold water swimming, scrambling over slippery surfaces and potentially rock climbing
  • All participants must carry their own pack for the day and while negotiating these obstacles
  • Good, closed toe footwear is required (Old sneakers are adequate)
  • It’s going to be cold! We will provide a wetsuit, we recommend you bring a woolen or synthetic fleece layer also (No cotton- it will not work when wet!)
  • A raincoat is required as emergency gear. This will help trap warm air against you and keep you extra warm. (We can provide this if necessary, but your own will be nicer and fit better!)
  • We recommend all particpants are over 14 Years of age. Please call us if you have younger people who are keen for adventure!
  • Bring spare clothes and a towel- You will need them when you get back to the office