Instructional Canyon Courses

All of our Canyon courses have an expected level of roping skill & knowledge. We recommend our 1 day Abseiling Course as the absolute minimum previous experience for these courses. The 2 Day Abseil course however, is a much more comprehensive skill base to ensure you get the most out of your Canyon specific training.

Of course, prior to undertaking such training, it is imperative that you have experienced the sport of Canyoning! Check out our Guided Adventures to see what’s on offer.

For Canyoners with existing Abseiling & rope skills, the 3 Canyon Courses we have on offer will provide you with the skills to begin exploring your own Canyons or consolidate your existing skills so you can take your Adventuring to the next level!

See our Canyon 2 course for the basic set of technical skills required to descend easier, less remote canyons.

Our Canyon 3 course runs in line with the Canyon 2 course, with an extra day to focus on skills for more remote & multi-pitch Canyons.

Our Canyon leader’s Course features a 4th day to consolidate and expand your skill set into the roll of a Canyon Leader.