Introductory Canyons

Our Abseiling & Canyoning Adventure is the best bang-for-your-buck Blue Mountains adventure experience! Suitable for all experience levels, we’ll cover Abseiling Skills before descending one of our favorite Introductory Canyons.

The Ultimate Empress Adventure – A small group (max 4 to 1 guide) descending through one of the world’s most famous Canyons!

Sheep Dip & Rocky Creek is one of our easiest Canyons but is also among the most picturesque Blue Mountain’s Canyons- A brilliant option for family groups or those who want to see amazing environments without the extra thrills of Abseiling.

Wollangambe Canyon is a leisurely swim down a magnificent canyon river system, taking in some short detours to explore incredible slot canyons. The entry and exits are both longer than our other Introductory trips, but the effort is well worth it!