Rockclimbing is easily the fastest growing and most exciting of all outdoor adventure activities. Talk to someone who has experienced the simple yet intense pleasure of climbing a piece of soaring, sun warmed stone and you will hear why this sport can be so addictive! Rockclimbing is not about using shear physical strength to conquer or subdue a rock wall nor is it a life or death struggle to get to the top! Climbing on rock is like a vertical ballet, where one must perform with grace and efficiency while combining both physical and mental abilities to achieve agility and balance. The modern sport of rockclimbing has evolved rapidly with advances in techniques and equipment making it much safer as well as more enjoyable and satisfying. Judging by the momentum, the rockclimbing revolution has only just begun and the good news is that you can be part of it too!

ASM have been at the forefront of professional rockclimbing training and guiding for over three decades and we strive to offer our students the finest and most innovative climbing courses and mountain adventures available anywhere!


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Highly Recommended Adventure Gift Suggestions:
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Rock 1 Introductory Climbing
Introductory Abseiling
Stay Alive Survival Course

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The Australian School Of Mountaineering is Australia's leading adventure company. Established in 1981, we have more experience than anyone else. Our highly experienced guides are passionate about adventure- They live in the Blue Mountains, work across Australia and undertake their own adventures around the globe.

When you choose ASM, you are choosing professional guides with real experience, dedicated to helping you learn and experience your own amazing adventures.