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Our winter climbing adventures take place among the snow-clad peaks of The Kosciuszko National Park. This unique region contains the highest summits in the Australian Alps and boasts an impressive array of high quality rock, snow and ice climbs of all grades and styles. The excellent climbing combined with stable weather and easy access ensures the aspiring alpinist of a winter climbing experience beyond comparison!

ASM has been conducting mountaineering and ice climbing courses in the Kosciuszko region for many years, our experience in this area is unequalled! No longer is it necessary to spend a fortune travelling overseas to gain experience in alpine skills when the training can be had right at home. Many participants attend our winter courses as preparation for more demanding ventures such as Himalayan climbs or acclimatisation for Antarctic expeditions. Our Guides are leading mountaineers and climbing instructors who possess the experience and qualifications to train you to climb safely in high mountains anywhere in the world!

In Australian based alpine climbing and mountain skills instruction, ASM set the standard!

Introduction to Mountaineering

Our introductory mountaineering program is excellent preparation for novice climbers getting ready to tackle more ambitious courses or climbing adventures in higher mountain ranges abroad.

On arrival at Jindabyne you will be met by the ASM instructors who will begin to prepare you for your five-day mountaineering adventure. Your instructors will fit you out with all the necessary equipment, ensure that you are properly clothed and ready for your journey. The group will then be transported by minibus, over-snow vehicle and then finally by skis or snowshoes to our unique on-snow basecamp which is situated in close proximity to our favourite climbing areas.

From the basecamp, you will be taught introductory mountaineering techniques under the expert guidance of your instructors.

If the weather allows it, you will also experience climbing on the famous Blue Lake ice.

Grade: Moderate fitness, some basic rockclimbing experience is also useful but is not compulsory (see our Rock I Course for details).

For more detailed information about this course, please see the following PDF:
Introductory Mountaineering Information Package

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Blue Lake


Advanced Mountaineering Techniques

The Advanced Mountaineering Course is the ideal training programme for climbers with previous experience who wish to improve and advance their skills in modern alpinism. This course is the most advanced course of its type in Australia!

Our instructors will meet you at Jindabyne and from here we will depart for our high mountain basecamp. Over the next five days your instructors will teach you advanced techniques and select quality alpine routes to test and improve your alpine climbing skills. Many talk in awe of the fabled Blue Lake “Water Ice” - we won’t just be talking about it, we’ll be climbing lots of it (weather permitting). Through extensive experience our instructors know where and when to find the best ice conditions and they will ensure that you get to climb it to the fullest!

Grade: Good fitness, you must have basic mountaineering skills, previous skiing experience is an advantage but is not essential. Some basic rockclimbing experience is also useful but is not compulsory (see our Rock I Course for details).

For more detailed information about this course, please see the following PDF:
Advanced Mountaineering Information Package

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Snow Camping and Survival

The winter alpine landscape can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. Our guides and instructors are experts in this field!

The subjects covered on this three day course include:

  • Protection - how to dress and equip yourself for winter travel and survival.
  • Shelter – how to use snow-tents, how to build snow caves, igloos and wind breaks.
  • Travel – how to travel on the snow by skis, snowshoes and crampons.
  • Navigation – how to safely find your way in blizzards and white outs using map, compass and other navigation methods.
  • Food & Water – how to cook food and find water in the winter snowscape.
  • Alpine First Aid – how to treat hypothermia (exposure), snow-blindness and other winter related injuries.
Grade: Moderate fitness is required for this course Course Dates & Booking Information


Mt Kosciuszko Winter Ascent

Standing at 2228 mtrs (7310ft), Mt Kosciuszko is the highest mountain on the Australian mainland. While it requires no technical climbing skills, an ascent of Kosciuszko is a notable achievement and reaching the summit in winter is a solid challenge!

For the Kosciuszko Winter Ascent you will travel with highly experienced ASM guides to our alpine basecamp where we will make ready for our ascent. Winter survival, snow camping and safety skills training will be undertaken as part of our preparation. The summit climb will be made on snowshoes and the ASM Instructors will teach you how to use these safely and efficiently with some short acclimatisation walks.

An early alpine start will be required to optimise our chances of success, the round trip to the summit and back will require approximately 16kms of alpine trekking. 

Grade: Good fitness required.

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Mountaineering Photos


Ski Touring

3 day backcountry ski touring.

Escape the expensive crowded resorts and enter backcountry bliss.

This course consists of three consecutive daytrips and is aimed at adventurous, competent skiers and boarders looking to learn skills, tips and tricks to make the most out of backcountry daytrips.

Topics include:

  • Backcountry ski gear and packing tips
  • Ski technique tips for skinning up and skiing down.
  • Weather interpretation
  • Avalanche awareness and rescue
  • Basic navigation
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5 day backcountry ski touring - Overnight Skills

This course is an add on to our 3 day backcountry ski touring course.

Ski the harder to reach, more remote parts of Australia’s quiet Backcountry.

This course includes the three consecutive daytrips of our backcountry ski touring course, followed by an overnight ski tour with a night spent camping out in the snow.

An advanced off piste skiing level and prior participation in the Backcountry ski touring course are mandatory for this course.

On this course you will learn:

  • Techniques for skiing with a heavy pack
  • Tips for camping in the snow
  • Snow survival shelters
  • Advanced navigation
  • Time allocated to revise skills learnt throughout the course
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The fee for All ASM Mountaineering Courses include specialist equipment necessary including:

  • Climbing Harnesses
  • Helmets
  • Ice Axes
  • Ice Hammers
  • Clip on Crampons
  • Ropes
  • Snow Stakes
  • Ice Screws
  • Snowshoes
  • Plastic Mountaineering Boots
  • Ski Poles
  • Large Packs
  • Sleeping Mats
  • Snow Tents and Cooking Gear.



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